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What can one say, John just knows it all…and in the right manner!
Experience, knowledge, integrity and an absolute passion for helping people in real estate is John Ring. After a career path in Journalism, John’s real estate career began in 1976 and today he still works with the same vitality and passion in helping people have success. John has a wealth of knowledge and he gives it freely, he is an expert and a highly respected professional in this “exciting industry” and has an innate and educated ability to understand the constantly evolving real estate market which has meant those who have sought his advice have benefited and profited in more ways than one. John is also an expert in Land Division and Residential Property Development where he has managed countless subdivisions and building projects with a mind to ensure they are done correctly, and has also created a unique subdivision in the beautiful Eden Hills. Today John’s sales volumes still outperform most salespeople – give John your time and you will get it back in spades together with a lifetime of knowledge you can trust without exception. Whether as a client, customer or in his employ…he loves it!


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