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Stephen has been working in real estate for 22 years. He works to a consistently high level with the majority of his clients coming to him by referral or the impression he leaves as a result of his professional conduct. Stephen’s consistency of performance over a long period of time combined with his integrity, passion for learning, work ethic, knowledge and experiences have confirmed him as one of South Australia’s elite. In 2006 and 2007 he was a finalist in the Metropolitan Sales Person of the year and in 2009 was nominated as finalist for the South Australian Sales Person of the year. He has also held the position of number 1 Sales Person in a network group of over 500 salespeople around Australia.
Today his philosophies have evolved to where he doesn’t seek personal adulation – Stephen prefers to go about his work quietly, developing his own personal brand where his clients and customers benefit. Stephen is a progressive real estate professional at the forefront of ethical real estate practise and has an unsurpassed enthusiasm for his work and the industry. “I am fascinated about the psychology of selling and buying real estate”, “A disciplined Private Negotiation can outperform any other strategy!” – Stephen’s instinctive qualities means he has the innate ability to manage sellers and buyers in complex negotiations for win-win outcomes. Employ Stephen and you are in the best hands.


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